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Correspondence relating a little known episode in the life of AMS

Dear Colin


I read with interest your article about AMS. In my retirement I have been studying an MA in Maritime History and I have chosen for my dissertation the story of how 77 British and 6 allied ships escaped from the Baltic Sea having been trapped there in 1914 by the Danish minefields and German men o'war. Their escape was effected by AMS in cooperation with a Swedish Syndicate who had AMS' great friend, Dan Brostrom, at its head. Brostrom was, at the time, the Swedish Sea defence Minister responsible for the Swedish Navy, coastal navigation and the pilotage service - everything the ships need to escape. They did so by taking Swedish crews and pilots from their port of entrapment to Gothenburg or Oslo (Cristiania), from where a British crew took over to bring the ship back across the North Sea. Sadly AMS received no award for his efforts.


I am in touch with Brostrom's grandson's but i have been trying to find any descendants of AMS. Firstly, I am sure they will, like Brostom's grandsons, be interested in the story, and secondly - more importantly for me - i am eager to see if any archive survives. AMS belittles the story in his Tynesider autobiography.


I'd be most grateful if you can advise me in any way and I'll be delighted to share the story with you once it passes the assessors.


Thanks and regards