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Ad Gefrin

 580 AD. About the middle of the 5th C AD the British Kingdom of Bernicia is taken over by an Anglo Saxon, Ida. From his capital at Bamburgh he and his sons rule an area that probably extended from the river tweed in the north to the river tees in the south.
Settlement at Yeavering commences.

600 AD.Under the military leadership of Ida's grandson, Aethelfrith ( 593-616) the extent and influence of the kingdom grows substantially.
Ad Gefrin is now a royal township. Tiered seating for some 150 people is constructed.

627 AD
 King Edwin ( 616-633) and his Kentish queen, Aethelburgh, rule an area from Lothian to the Humber.Native britians are converted by the Queens bishop Paulinus.
Ad Gefrin reaches its greatest extent with some 320 people able to enter the tiered assembly.

633/34 AD. The Welsh king Cadwallon and Penda of Mercia attack the kingdom.
Fire destroys Ad Gefrin

640 AD. Oswald creates a celtic church founded at lindisfarne and extends northwards to the Forth estuary.Ad Gefrin is rebuilt with a large cemetary and church.

651 AD. King Penda attacks the kingdom.
Ad Gefrin is destroyed by fire.

655 AD. Under king Oswy ( 642 - 70 AD), Oswald's younger brother, the township falls into decline and will shortly be abandoned

Though there is some rebuilding the township now consists of only a few buildings and these are eventually abandoned.

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