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 Akeld bastle house or Pele Tower

"Since it was on the very verge of the cheviots, in those days a waste given over almost entirely to moss troopers and outlaws it must have suffered severely from raids"...Pele Towers of Borderlands by Robert Hugill

akeld bastle house

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akeld bastle house inside

I found this quote from an old version of the Northumberland National Park quite illuminating

Akeld Bastle does not seem to have been a bastle house in the same sense as the many small defensible farmhouses found further south in the county; its parallels are more with larger buildings such as that at Pressen (NT 836358) and the surviving range at Castle Heaton (NT 901419) which are perhaps better regarded in a separate class as 'stronghouses'. The 1541 Border Survey mentions a 'lytle fortelett or bastle house without a barmkin' at Akeld. It is not clear whether this reference is to the surviving building, or a predecessor.