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Elsdonburn, College Valley, Northumberland

When you drive into the College valley, past Trafalgar woods and down towards Hethpool you come to a choice. On your left is an avenue of trees leading towards Hethpool itself and on the right is a small tarmac road leading off into the hills. If you take the right hand turn you will climb up the valley and eventually the road will again fork. The left hand option takes you to Trowupburn and the right will take you to Elsdonburn and RingChesters.

There are a few things which are worth knowing about this valley.

1. You are on a public road so you won't need an access permit, unlike the main College Valley. However there are no parking places and it is a dead end valley. Better to park at the bottom and walk up.

2. Unlike the main College Valley, Elsdonburn does not really flood when the rains come. Sure the stream fills up but you don't get the full scale floods which happen to it's neighbour.

3. There are great walks from here. Immediately on your right you can walk up Whitehill, explore the cultivation terraces and then walk along the ridge line until you come to the plantation. There is a short walk through the trees and then good views into Scotland before you come to RingChesters the largest hill fort in the valley. From here there is a good path down to the farm and then a road walk back to your car.

4. The hill on your left leads onto Great Hetha and from here you can drop down to Trowupburn. From here you can either cross into the College Valley itself,coming in by Whitehall or alternatively follow the road back through the Elsdonburn valley to your car.


The first picture below shows the beautiful and gently rounded hills typical of this valley.


Elsdonburn in the College valley


and this picture is taken from Ringchesters looking down the valley.


Ringchesters , Elsdonburn, College Valley