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Hethpool Lake

Hethpool lake is a man made lake where the waters of Elsdonburn have been dammed.

There are two ways for access.

1. Walk down the private drive for Hethpool house and look for the gate at the end on your left.


2. Access from the bottom of the lake by Hethpool Linn.

Hethpool lake


The lake has fish and a small boat...but fishing is by arrangement and the trout are said to have worm growth in them. So not great if you are after food!


There is a path around most of the lake , including the now disused fish ladder. But it is old, slippery and care is needed around most of the lake.

There are also the remains of a small generator shed which was used to provide electricity for Hethpool.

This image shows the bottom of the water ladder taking the overspill down to the College burn



 The summer house