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Newton Tors, College Valley, Northumberland

 The Newton Tors form the eastern ridge of the College Valley.

The northern edge accommodates the St Cuthberts Walk. But you can walk from Easter Tor, Wester Tor and Harelaw all the way down to Southernknowe. This is where the feral goats are most often found along with the black grouse.

This picture is taken as you walk through the small plantation just north of Hethpool Mill. You can see the stile with the St Cuthberts Way marker. The stile marks the end of College Valley estate land.


 newton tors plantation

and then these pictures give an idea of the views as you climb the Tors

Braydon Crags from Easter Tors



and looking south towards the Schil and Cheviot


Newton Tors - images


 and the views looking north west across the Millfield plain towards Scotland

View from the Tors


Gorse on the Tors

Heather on the Tors


 and heather burning

 heather burning

The Google map below will give some idea of the key points along the walk


View Hethpool,College Valley,Tors Walk in a larger map  

See also

Hethpool Linn the waterfall and pools alongside St Cuthberts walk as it leaves the plantation at the edge of the College Valley estate.

and the Harrow bog which is the semi natural woodland along the base of the Tors and alongside the College burn.

 Other pictures

The waterlogged path along the ridge towards Wester tor.