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Dunstanburgh Castle

 One of the most iconic landmarks in Northumberland the castle is best known for its large and somewhat ruined keep.


But what of its history and how do you get there?

Well the first and most important point is that you have to walk! There is no direct access and no car park. The best way to see the castle is to park at Craster.It costs £2 for all day parking and you then have a lovely walk along the coast to the castle. It is a National Trust property ( donated by Sir Arthur Munro Sutherland ) so non members will have to pay a small charge.

Once you are inside there is a small "shed" with books and information but you basically just follow the walls and read the story boards.

The Castle dates from 1313 although, not surprisingly given the location, there is evidence of much earlier occupation.It was built by the Earl of Lancaster and by all accounts the purpose was to create a significant impression as to the power of the house of Lancaster. Just up the coast is Bamburgh Castle.

From a distance the giant keep is the dominant feature but once inside you can also visit

The Constables Tower, a 3 story building along the south curtain wall.

The Egyncleugh Tower...more easily remembered as the Elgyn Tower. At the eastern end of the south curtain wall this probably dates back to the castle's creation.

The Lilburn tower along the north curtain wall with its great views over Embleton bay and along towards Bamburgh.

 And finally John of Gaunts Gatehouse

There is plenty of open ground within the Castle to picnic and enjoy the views. Along the east side you can see the vertical sea walls and watch the kittiwakes bringing food to their nests. There is also easy access to the coastal rocks to explore the pools.

 On returning to Craster its quite pleasant to sit outside the Red Lion pub with a drink and admire the view towards the castle. You can also watch the fishing boats pull in below. 

  Is the Castle haunted? Well there are stories about a knight ( Sir Guy the Seeker) who is forever looking for the entrance to the underground cave where King Arthur sleeps. 

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Background to the building of the castle.

Egyncleugh Tower

Lilburn tower