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Featherstone Castle, Near Greenhead, Northumberland

 The best reference source for castles in Northumberland is Robert Hugill's "Borderland castles and peles"

This is what he has to say about Featherstone castle

"The Castle has been described as one of the loveliest strongholds in the county of Northumberland.It lies in wooded seclusion on the south bank of the South Tyne,about 3 miles to the SW of Haltwhistle;and whether its turrest and battlements and ivied walls are seen in the distance or partially through the trees that neighbour it,the result is always a charming picture"

"It is said that the name comes from the Feuder Stones, two monoliths on the nearby hill where the tenants were wont to assemble"

The English civil war was the undoing of the Featherstonehaughs.Timothy had gained a knighthood from Charles 1st for gallantry;but paid for it later with his life,when he was executed after the royalist defeat at Worcester.The estate was subsequently owned by the Wallace family, whose crest of a Lion is seen around the castle.

The old tower is a typical Pele tower, with a vaulted basement and a fine decorated doorway.It is at least 700 years old. Following on from the union of the crowns in 1603 the castle was enlarged for comfort.

Ghosts at the castle

Well not one ghost but a whole bridal party. The bride had been in love with a Ridley who were the local enemies.After the wedding a hunting party departed for the local woods but they were ambushed and slain by the Ridley's.When the bride was accidentally slain, her lover killed himself.It was not until midnight that the dead returned for their banquet and so it goes that every year at midnight the slain bridal party reappear looking for their meal.

Featherstone castle


From the river bank looking towards the castle


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