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Hadrian's Wall

Over 80 miles long it stretches from Wallsend on the east coast over to Burgh by sands in the west.

There was also a turf wall stretching down the west coast of Cumbria.

Sections posted

Vindolanda.Lots of detail and pictures.


Videos of Hadrian's Wall

 Neil Oliver on bathing habits, Chesters and lovely pictures.

 This video is a good introduction to the Wall itself with these take aways:

  1. Connected already present buildings
  2. Fortlets every mile - milecastles.
  3. Bigger forts every 5 miles. Housesteads and Chesters mentioned.
  4. Hadrian Wall national trail.


Other videos include the music from King Arthur.

Our pages on Vindolanda

Small temple at Vindolanda

Wells and water at Vindolanda

Early civilian settlements at Vindolanda

Roman Vindolanda

Roman bath house at Vindolanda

The West Wall at Vindolanda

Severan barracks at Vindolanda

Roman strip house at Vindolanda

The Granary and stores at Vindolanda

HQ and praetorium at Vindolanda

Roman circular huts at Vindolanda

Roman toilets at Vindolanda

Chesterholm museum at Vindolanda

Roman temple at Vindolanda

Replica of Roman wall at Vindolanda

Batavians at Vindolanda

Vindolanda writing tablets

 This Google map shows Housesteads

View Larger Map 

Other external references

The main web address for the Wall.

Lots of background detail on wikipedia

The offical website for vindolanda