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Haltwhistle burn

 Haltwhistle burn and the Industrial heritage of Haltwhistle 

 The Haltwhistle burn runs from the military road down to Haltwhistle. There used to be a small train line to carry the coal from Cawfields quarry down to the main Tyne Valley railway line. Back in those days the burn must have been a hive of industrial activity. This is Cathy Smith who will introduce you to the burn.

 This is the south tyne colliery site

south tyne colliery

and this is a lovely large beech tree. at the start of the walk up the burn

and here is the cliff of the many faces mentioned in the video

This is the chimney near the top of the burn

and here are some lime kilns as you come out to the grass meadows beside the military road

and finally the bridge at the top which is visible as you drive past on the military road

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