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Housty Bastle house

 The Bastle house is just up the hill from the Village of Catton.

Julia Grint suggests the house dates from 1625 which would be 22 years after the union of the crowns.She shows how there was a phase 1 and phase 2 to the building and then describes how an 18th century byre was built inside the Bastle.


Top picture:

The large outer doorway is a prominent feature in the east wall, from this angle the door looks rectangular but from the other side you can see the arch and massive stone on top of the door.

Housty Bastle house

 Side view with the Allendale valley on the horizon

Housty bastle house catton village

This picture shows the more recent part of the building to the right and the ruins of the older part, which dates back to 1625, on the left

Housty - image

 and this is the great view back to Catton.

 Catton village

 Using the Google map you can see the Bastle house here


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