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 Maughold cemetery - a lonely and quiet place - north east coast of the Isle of Man and overlooked by North Barrule and Snaefell.

This poignant reminder of lives lost in WW2

The American fighter pilots of the Royal Air Force 133 Eagle Squadron
who lost their lives here on the Isle of Man
8th october 1941

Flight Lieutenant Andrew Mamedoff
Age 29, Thompson,Connecticut

Pilot officer Hugh McCall
Age 24, SO. Pasadena,California

Pilot Officer Roy STout
Age 25,Ash Grove, Missouri

Pilot Officer William J White
Age 21,Topeka,Kansas



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They were transitting from Fowlmere to N. Ireland. Mamedoff flew Spitfires with 609 Sqn. in the BoB and was lucky to survive being shot down by Hans-Karl Mayer ( JG53) on 24th Aug. 1940..........
"  A shell entered the tail of the aircraft, went straight up the fuselage, through the wireless set, just pierced the rear armour plating and presumably dented the pilot's uniform".
He is buried in Brookwood Cemetery and was the last of the original "Eagles" ( Tobin, Keough, Mamedoff and Donahue) and the first to marry a British girl.
Another 133 Sqn. pilot Chesley Robertson at Biggin Hill later produced the classic radio message on his first mission over France......
The RAF had a laugh but fortunately he returned.


 please note the references.
Robertson........."RAF Biggin Hill" ( Graham Wallace 1957).
Mamedoff shot down....diary of squadron rigger F/S Cloves , quoted in "American Eagles" by Tony Holmes 2001.
See also " The Eagle Squadrons Yanks in the RAF 1940--42" by Vern Haugland 1992
"American pilots in the RAF--the WWII Eagle squadrons" by P D Caine  1991.
Mamedoff's grave in Brookwood...........
Please note aged 29 not 20 as on your site ( born 12/8/12)

Quoted from the wyrdlight website

RAF Eagle Squadrons 71st 121st 133rd
Thousands volunteered, 244 Americans served 
Eighteen lie here


you can see the wikipedia entry for Brookwood here




Other notes

133 Squadron RAF  was one of the famous Eagle squadrons  formed from American volunteers serving with the RAF  during World War II .

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