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Northumberland - Special Coronation edition.

 Written by T E C Walker and Sydney Warner.Printed 1952.

Basically a gazette of Northumberland villages - 137 in total with some 83 pictures.
Pages total 299 so there is plenty to read in here.

Some excerpts:-

Amble. First names Anna's Bill or Promontory.

Beadnell.Interesting to see the major point of note is the bronze age relics. "When a wooden hut was being built in 1934 two bronze age sandstone cists were discovered with the crouched remains of a man and a woman along with the remains of a pottery food vessel".

Berwick-upon-Tweed.Plenty to say about the town with it's history and stories from the past."All together it is a grand town to live in and a most satisfactory one to visit.

Blanchland. One of the loveliest villages in Northumberland. Well that is certainly still true.

Byrness. How interesting to see this as a village in it's own right. Nowadays it is largely forgotten and lost amongst the wild lands up to the Border.

And so on. Lots of easy reading to help pass a wet and windy afternoon beside a log fire.