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Correspondence  - searching for further information on a certain "black nazi"
Copied from emails and disclosed here in the hope that the information might be of interest to others.


I am trying to track the movements of a German POW who was captured in August 1944 and brought to the UK.  He is not a relative, he is just a person of interest to other research I am doing.  He was a member of the Waffen SS and at one time from 1938-1940 was Hitler's personal WSS adjutant.  He appears to have arrived in the camp in June 1945 after being designated a 'black' Nazi.  He eventually ended up in Camp 165 in Scotland and was released in 1948 back to Germany.

I found your details on the net from your site which I found very informative.  Do you know if there were any records kept of the men who stayed at that camp or ae you aware of any red cross documents from a camp visit in 45?  He had been in Camp 1 previously and I would like to know if there were other camps between 18 and 165.
thank you for your prompt reply, especially as your on your hols !  I have a listing of the different camps, but not sure if its complete.  I did see the letters you put on the site which I found interesting and amusing !  I had a biography of the commander of the 12th Waffen SS Hitler-Jungend Division who mentioned the camp and gave some details of his stay there, he also mentioned his transfer there with my POI. 
I'm not sure how long my POI stayed there as the author was transferred to London for interrogation not long after arrival and he was subsequently tried for war crimes against Canadian POWs in Normandy, convicted and sent to prison in Canada. As previously mentioned, my PIO ended up in Camp165, I'd just be interested to try to find more info on his movements as a lot of his Bio is shrouded in mystery.
I would be happy to give you details on both these men if you ever wanted to put it on the site as they would be quite well known in the world of the WSS and their bios are quite interesting.  Both were members of the the first WSS division, the  'Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler' 1st SS, these were the black cladded, goose steppers from all pre-war footage who were the public face of the German forces.  Both fought in the campaigns from 1939 on the Western Front and subsequently on the EF at Kharkov, they were both transferred to a new Division made up of young HJ boys, and this division went on to become infamous for atrocities in Normandy although neither of them were personally accused of any crime.  I have done some research into their actions on the EF and have made some grim discoveries there however.  I think that their transfer to Camp 18 was in some way related to men who not only were classified as 'black' but were also suspected of culpability in war crimes.
I have found a file in Kew which I'm hoping will have some info - I have ordered it through a guy in London who runs a business copying files for people who can't go in person.   He's usually quick off the mark so I should get it this week unless he's on hols..and will of course fill you in on the details
The book I got the small piece about the camp was 'Grenadiers'  by Kurt Meyer of the Waffen SS' Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler' and later the commander of the 12th SS 'Hitler-Jugend'  Division who faced the British and Canadians in Normandy around Caen between June and August 1944.  Meyer is a dark character, there are many who extol him as a daring do, brave soldier while many others take a dim view of his Divisions record on war crimes.  My POI is Max Wunsche, he was the Regimental Commander of the 12th's Panzer Regiment.  Both were sent to Camp 18 in June 1945, I don't know how long Wunsche stayed there,hopefully this file will shed some light on that. 
 Here's their wiki sites which you will give you the background on their careers.  I would be happy to write up a smaller bio on both that you could put up on the site if you wished.  I would be interested to see who else was with them, as I suspect there were other interesting characters sent to camp 18, men who were suspected of war crimes etc..
I attach three pictures of them - the first is Kurt Meyer receiving a decoration from Hitler.
The second is Meyer and Wunsche with head wound in the first couple of days after the landings in Normandy, this shows the seriousness of the situation as they all look quite grim, the other man is Fritz Witt who was the commander of the 12th SS and was killed the following week by a navy artillery shell shot far inland.  Meyer was promoted to take his place making him the youngest General in the German forces at 34.
The third picture is a pre-war one of Wunsche as Hitler's adjutant.
I think they are quite an interesting pair and they were very good friends who served together in combat many times, in fact Wunsche saved Meyers life by breaking through Soviet lines and bringing relief just as he was about to be annihilated.  Its a strange quirk of fate that saw them both surviving the hell of Normandy and finding themselves both imprisoned together.  I will give you a shout when the file is in and you can decide if you want to add any of the info to your site..
If you would like contact details then please drop me an email