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Roman bath house

 One of the first things we remember about Vindolanda is hearing about the Roman bath house.

"The army bath house was built by the fourth cohort of Gauls around AD 213. It had the dual function of providing standard bathing and recreational facilities. Finds from its sewers revealed that it had also been used by the civilians.The earlier bath house, south of the stone fort's south gate, was a different type, and much larger."


Vindolanda - Roman Bath House 

 and here you can see the supports for the flooring 

vindolanda - bath house

and on a separate part of the site

 "  a writing tablet records a squad of builders being sent to repair or construct this bath house around AD 100. The garrison was then the 1,000 strong Ninth cohort of Batavians. The building was demolished in the mid 2nd century, being too large for the reduced garrison of 500 men."

bath house vindolanda


and you can see the arrangement of the rooms


bath house



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