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Ros Castle, Northumberland

 Not a castle so much as a landmark and, when you see the position and view, you can't help but wonder if at one time this had not been a hill fort which is what wikipedia suggests and dates it back 3000 years

It is on the hillside immediately above Chillingham.

Ros Castle


Ros Castle - view across Glendale plains


ros castle - history

  Areas near by:-

 Doddington and views across the Millfield plain. Chillingham with castle and cattle  and Other links:-

Ros Castle on Kyloe hills blog 

On Google maps. Follow the road from the west ( left hand side ) lower section. Park the car and follow the track alongside the wood and you can see the higher area almost like a "v" shape.

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We found an archaelogical survey of the area here

This was particularly rewarding as there is very little on the internet about Ros Castle. Because the elevated position is so good you tend to forget that the castle must have been part of the Chillingham estates just below it and this survey starts to put Ros Castle in context.

Quotes from the survey are as follows

Areas of holloways are located at various points in the Park. Some of these had been identified by the Till-Tweed Project, but new features were discovered below and to the west of Ros Castle.

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Other references

Holloways...see note here