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The Schil

 Part of the boundary between the College Valley and the Scottish lands. The edge or border line is also part of the Pennine way.

The Schil can be climbed by starting at Mounthooley and then following the pennine way in reverse to Red Cribs and then down to the Wilderness and thence back to the start.

This photo was taken looking back as you climb up the Schil. It is facing north and you can see the border line and the Pennine way.


 This panorama was taken from near the top and looks towards the Cheviot.

View from the Schil

 Memorial to Steve Bertram, hidden away at the top of the Schil


 The summit itself just across from the Border fence...its over in Scotland. 


   The view from Red Cribs north down the length of the College Valley


Looking towards the Hen hole

Coming out of the wilderness look out for this ....remains of an ancient romano british settlement.