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Vindolanda, Hadrians Wall, Northumberland

 Just a short way to the south of Sycamour Gap lies Vindolanda, the source of one of the greatest treasures in the British Museum.A huge Roman fort it was built around 85 AD , before the Wall which lies a couple of miles to the north. The original fort was designed to protect the central section of the Stanegate, the military road which ran east to west across the north of england.

The early forts were built with timber but by 120 ad when work on the Wall began stone was in heavy use and the fort remained occupied until the departure of the Romans after 400 AD.

The approach to Vindolanda is by a side road away from the main part of Hadrian's Wall and it comes as something of a surprise when you arrive to find such a large area.

The easiest way to introduce Vindolanda is to follow the foot path and show the camp in the same order.

The entrance building is where you pay for your ticket ( keep it as you will need it to access Chesterholme museum later).




Small temple to an unknown God. Right outside the entrance building is this small temple to an unknown God. Strange how what was probably originally a relatively insignificant building has ended up being the first one seen by any visitor.

Wells and water supply. Throughout the site you will see examples of how the flow of water is used, in the Roman baths, in the toilets and so on. The second part of the site deals with wells and water.

Early civilian settlements. A reminder that it wasn't just the soldiers here on the northern frontier.

 Romand Vindolanda and civilians. Further story boards on both the whole site and civilians

 Vindolanda - Roman bath house. A classic element of any Roman camp.

Vindolanda - the West Wall.

 The Severan expedition.

Roman Strip houses are another reminded of the influence of civilians.

Granary and stores. Essential supplies for any fort and just one of many grain stores used to support the Severan expedition into Scotland.

HQ and Praetorium The centre of the camp.

Roman circular huts. Possibly used by non roman soldiers

Toilets - the Roman way.

Chesterholm - the museum.

Roman temple - reconstruction at Chesterholm, Vindolanda.


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 This Google map clearly shows the outline of the excavations and the foundations remaining. The location indicator is above Chesterholme. 

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