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Where the Hills meet the Sky

By Peter Clark, ISBN 1 900038 10 2
Possibly the definitive resource for plane crashes in the Cheviot hills during and just after WW2.
The memorial at Cuddystone means that all the visitors who go beyond the Hethpool car park have a chance to see just how many flyers were lost over these hills. It was most likely to be bad weather but also faulty planes, the occasional damage through action and even wrong instructions from the ground.
Here is a list of the planes which came down.

 1. Hawker Hart trainer. 10th October 1939
2.Avro Anson. 5th March 1940.
3.Handley Page Hampden.17th March 1940.
4.Hawker Hurricane Mk1, 24th April 1941.
5.Bolton Paul Defiant. 5th September 1941.
6.Wellington Ic.15th January 1942.
7.Wellington IV.9th January 1943.
8.Junkers 88A and Dornier 217E-4. Both on 24th March 1943.
9.Supermarine Spitfire IIB.25th March 1943.
10.Blackburn Botha. 10th May 1943.
11.Hawker Hurricane I. 2nd June 1943.
12.Supermarine Spitfire FR XIV. 11th April 1944.
13.Bristol Beaufighter VI C.15th May 1944.
14.Short Stirling III.25th September 1944.
15.Avrosa Lancaster X. 4th October 1944.
16.De Havilland Mosquito F11. 12th December 1944.
17.Boing B-17G Flying Fortress. 16th December 1944.
18.Handley Page Halifax III. 17th February 1945.
19.Vickers Warwicdk 1 HG.23rd July 1946.

Cuddystone memorial College Valley
Picture of the memorial at Cuddystone. Braydon Crags is just visible on the skyline behind.

Wreckage near Braydon crags
Wreckage hidden between the Peat Hags just below Braydon Crags.

Memorial details