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Stuart's story

I have just come across the website featuring Edward Winter's grandparents Jack and Lizzie Mitchell.
My parents, Jean and Leslie Otley, used to stay with the Mitchells and helped out on the farm. In fact it is possible that the photograph of Jack on the horse was taken by my father - I certainly remember seeing a similar photograph amongst my parents' photo collection.
The picture of Jack and Tom Braidford with the rep from the sheepdip company was taken by my father, as I discovered this evening when met Tom Braidford at an exhibition in Wooler all about local shepherds. Apparently Tom has several photographs which were taken my my father, andhe recognsied the picture I showed him tonight of Trowupburn as he has a copy of the same photograph!
I was interested to read, and also to have heard tonight, that the Mitchells left Whitehall in about 1954 after Arthur Sutherland sold the valley. However, I have a couple of photographs of myself, aged about two, feeding the hens with Mrs Mitchell. I have always been led to believe that this was taken in a paddock next to the farmhouse, Whitehall - there is a big black corrugated iron barn, and the edge of a white-paintes house, in the background, which seems to match the pictures in Edwards memoirs on the website. But I was born in 1955. Could the Mitchells have stayed longer than '54, or were my photographs taken somehwere else? Perhaps my parents followed the Mitchells to Langholm?
Sadly my parents are no longer alive, although my mother's sisters are still alive. They used to visit the College Valley too - I will consult with them, but in the meantime would be grateful to be put in touch with Edward Winters.