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This is one of four pages from, i think the National Archives dated 1946 and written after a monitoring visit to the camp.

I have transcribed the key points here and the picture is below

Date April 1946

People mentioned. Note gradings for POWs
Mr P Rossiter (author)
Lt Col Vickers OBE Camp commander

Capt Sulzbach ( interpeter)
Camp Leader Kapt. Osten ( acting ) (B-)
St.Arzt.Neumann (B-)

3,000 POWs at the camp

Oberst Primus - previous POW leader - now moved on

Compound leaders
Oberst.Romel (A)
Oberst.Willi (B+)
Major Nevermann (B)

Major General Kuen(A) - to be transferred in as POW leader
( former commander of the German airbase in Paris captures 3 May 1945)
and in July 1947 went to Island Farm camp 11. Source


Major Heimann (A) Press officer
Oberst.von Viebahn (A)

And a hospital to be built

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Additional brief notes kindly supplied by someone else

1) The references to Wilton Park and Beconsfield refer to the camp there, which was a special re-education camp where 'liberal' POWs were sent to be educated in democratic values, to both help to educate their fellow POWs, but also to be trained to help to build a new Germany. Only very open minded POWs could be sent there, and as only 10 out of 3,400 POWs at the camp were identified, you can assume that many of the prisoners were not receptive to non-Nazi ideals. 

2) This is an officers camp, but it does mention 672 Other Ranks (ORs). These men were used as batmen, or assistants, to the officers, and would also be the cooks, waiters, etc. I have read an account of a Navy man who was at Camp 18 in this capacity - he was not treated very well by some of the officers. 

3) Screening - the codes A - C+ indicate the POWs allegiance to the Nazi regime. A = white, or anti-Nazi. B = grey, or non-political, while not being critical of the Nazis. C = black = Nazi. C+ were the worst of the lot, mostly SS men, Security Police, etc. The report was done nearly a year after the end of the war, and there are still over 1000 men graded as Nazi in their outlook - this quite a large number. 

4) Hubert Sulzbach was a German Jew who served in the British Army. He's been written about in a number of books. I've mentioned two which you should try and get hold of below.

5) Interesting that there is a big problem with the Camp Leader. It is apparent that there are a lot of strong willed POWs, and clear factions. In many camps, the 'C' prisoners were removed, and sent to camps in Scotland or other isolated areas, which allowed for more liberal POWs to live in relative peace, without being bullied, attacked and even murdered by Nazi POWs. However, as this is an officers camp, this has not occurred, and this has made the job of camp leader very challenging.